The National:

WHEN a book is finally written about the Brexit process, the chapter on yesterday's events will highlight just how absurd the whole situation became.

With less than 100 days until the UK officially leaves the EU, and a full two and a half years since the vote to leave, we are still no clearer on what our post-Brexit relations will look like.

Instead, troops are being readied, medicine stockpiled, fears over panic buying are rising, while the business sector prepares for the worst-case scenario.

So what has the nation been debating last night into this morning? Whether or not a man said something sexist.

Now let's be clear, if Corbyn did call Theresa May a "stupid woman" then he is wrong and should apologise – especially after championing a certain kind of political exchange during his leadership campaign. It is the kind of dated language that has no place anywhere, nevermind between elected representatives.

But did it really require a lengthy debate in Parliament, which led to further debate on late-night politics shows, which was then reflected in the majority of this morning's front pages and rolling-news channels. All at the expense of the more pressing issues?

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The Tories last night must have been toasting Corbyn's ability to unintentionally create a distraction, doing their work for them.

It all culminated in this graphic from Sky, which went into painstaking detail about the movements of the Labour leader's mouth.

The National:

Few are now talking about the UK Government's immigration white paper which is likely to damage Scotland's tourism and hospitality sectors.

Nor are they talking about the fact that Theresa May met with leaders of the devolved administrations yesterday and was described as "nebulous" – less than 100 days before we leave.

The UK is in chaos, dragging its constituent nations with it, and right now we have the official opposition unwittingly causing distractions while the Tories play feminists. You couldn't make it up.