The National:

MOST of the post-PMQs spotlight has fallen on Jeremy Corbyn – but it isn't for his questions to Theresa May.

The Prime Minister got off the hook on Brexit, and the Labour leader was furious about one of her responses in particular.

May said: "I know it's the Christmas season and the pantomime season, but what do we see from the Labour fronbtbench and [Jeremy Corbyn]? He's going to put a confidence vote, oh yes he is, oh no he isn't.

"I've got some news for him. I've got some advice for the Rt Hon Gentleman. Look behind you. They're not impressed and neither is the country."

Corbyn appears to say "stupid woman" in response – but Labour have denied this, saying he actually said "stupid people".

Shortly after, it looked like Corbyn was being shown the clip on a mobile phone – and other members had spotted it too.

The Tories quickly accused the Opposition leader of using sexist language.

MP Paul Sully improvised his question: "Do you think it's appropriate language to call people stupid women in this Chamber?"

May responded: "Everybody in this House, particularly on the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote, should be aiming to encourage women to come into this Chamber, and to stand in this Chamber, and should therefore use appropriate language in this Chamber when referring to female members."

This isn't the first time the phrase has caused controversy in the House of Commons.

It was reported in May that MPs had heard Speaker John Bercow call leader of the House and Tory MP Andrea Leadsom a "stupid woman".

The Speaker's office at the time acknowledged that "strong and differing views" had been expressed.

It was in response to complaints by Labour's chief whip that the opposition had been denied a copy of a statement, and that this was an attempt to cut into time for an opposition debate.

It came amid calls for the Speaker to resign over allegations of bullying two former members of his Commons staff.