The National:

IF you thought that Richard Leonard's judgement was bad when it comes to what to use his few opportunities to directly ask the First Minister a question, wait until you see his choice of Christmas card.

While most go for designs with religious messages, or snow-capped landscapes, or perhaps less sophisticated ones with comedy Brussels sprouts on them, the Scottish Labour took the unusual step of opting for a depiction of a socialist engraving. Quite an odd image for a festive gesture.

The National:

According to a report in today's Herald, the Central Scotland MSP said that the image – The Cause of Labour is the Hope of the World by the prolific children’s book illustrator Walter Crane – was a “symbol of solidarity and hope”.

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Unfortunately though, in true Richard Leonard-during-FMQs style, he got his facts wrong. The image is clearly dated as from 1894 yet the press release said the image had been published in 1897.