DOWNING Street has denied planning for a second EU referendum.

Reports over the weekend suggested Theresa May’s key aides were plotting a possible new vote as a way to break the Brexit gridlock.

David Lidington, the de-facto deputy Prime Minister, has already spoken to a group of about 10 Labour MPs about building a cross-party coalition for a new vote.

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May’s right hand man, Gavin Barwell, the No 10 chief of staff, also reportedly told a cabinet minister last week that holding a second referendum was “the only way forward”.

The news has infuriated Tory Brexiteers.

Barwell was forced to take to Twitter to deny the report: “Happy to confirm I am not planning a 2nd referendum with political opponents (or anyone else to anticipate the next question)”.

In response to the Harlow MP, Robert Halfon, who said calling another vote would be a “complete betrayal”, Barwell agreed, adding that it would “further divide the country when we should be trying to bring people back together”.

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May herself has previously criticised those calling for a new vote.

Over the weekend, the Prime Minister attacked Tony Blair for backing a so-called “People’s Vote” during a visit to Brussels.

May said: “For Tony Blair to go to Brussels and seek to undermine our negotiations by advocating for a second referendum is an insult to the office he once held. I have never lost sight of my duty, and that is to deliver on the referendum result.”

The stooshie comes as a new poll suggests a majority of Scots want a second referendum on Brexit.

The Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times found that 52% back holding another vote on whether to leave the EU, with 37% against holding a second vote while 11% don’t know.

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As in the 2016 referendum, Scots remain largely opposed to Brexit, by 63% to 37%.

With no real way forward in Parliament, the Cabinet, it seems, is now considering all options.

Lidington is said to be at the head of a “gang of five” Cabinet ministers, including Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, David Gauke and Greg Clark, who all back a new vote.

Others in Cabinet are furious.

Julian Smith, the chief whip, and Gavin Williamson, the Defence Secretary, have reportedly told May not to be swayed.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, warned that “all hell would break loose” if the Government ended up backing a new referendum.

He said: “Lidington is one of the guilty men in this process.

“What he and others have been doing is giving the EU what they want, which is no way out for the UK. They should stop messing around with games about referendums.

“We should have prepared the UK for no deal. Until we can make it clear that we are ready to go to World Trade Organisation terms, she can’t negotiate anything. Just do it.”

Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, rubbished the report on Sunday, telling Sky News’ Sophy Ridge programme: “We are here to act on the will of the people clearly expressed in the referendum.”

He added: “A second referendum would be divisive. We had the People’s Vote, we had the referendum, and now we’ve got to get on with implementing it. Any idea that having a second referendum now would break through an impasse is wrong.”