The National:

"DON'T feed the trolls," the saying goes. When Mhairi Black is so good at destroying them, though, it seems fine to ignore that advice.

The SNP MP is frequently the subject of vile insults on Twitter – misogynistic and homophobic abuse among them.

In fact, Black was the first MP to use the c word in Parliament, as she quoted some of the language hurled her way.

Over the past couple of days though, she has been absolutely ending the trolls. Her most popular response has 32,000 likes and 5000 retweets.

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"James" tweeted at her to say: "When I look at you I instantly think, lesbian."

Black responded: "Inspiring observational skills you have James. I'm willing to wager that when straight women see you they think nothing at all."

Of course, some of those attacking her have deleted their tweets.

"Unionist Twitter is where patter goes to die," the MP tweeted in response to one. We couldn't agree more.

Someone managed to get a screenshot of it, too:

And while there's no record of what Black was responding to with the following tweet, we suspect you can guess roughly what it said.

"Are you confused about my gender or is this the first time you’ve realised women are allowed to stand as MPs? Cause we can own land and everything now anol."

Alex Bennett put himself in the firing line too. Sometimes the simplest responses are the best.

Black used her replies to make some important points about Westminster.

One user with a love of hashtags wrote: "Oh sorry I called you an #MSP didn't realise you were an #MP in a real #Parliament lol"

Of all the weeks to say that, they picked this one?

Black hit back: "There’s simply no way you could compare events in Holyrood and Westminster over the past week and come to the conclusion that Westminster is the “real” Parliament."

In response to a video of her speech calling out the embarrassment of this UK Government, which has more than 900,000 views, Mark, who lacks a profile picture and has 33 followers, felt obliged to respond.

"Decide to put in an appearance did you Mhairi? Constructive comment or snp grievance politics? Care to publish your attendance records? Or too embarrassed?"

"Top patter Mark, you’ll be playing the Fringe next," replied Black.

And you can read Mhairi Black's column in The National tomorrow...