IT'S difficult to know where to start with the panel for this week's Question Time.

This will be David Dimbleby's final time presenting the debate show, coming live from Southwark.

It's not looking like a stunning finale, however. SNP MP Joanna Cherry labelled its line-up "beyond a joke" – and it's hard to disagree.

Set to appear, we have Green MP Caroline Lucas, Labour MP Angela Rayner, comedian and presenter Jo Brand, and two Tory MPs.

Yes, Question Time actually has two Tory MPs appearing – Nicky Morgan and David Davis. The former is in favour of Theresa May's Brexit deal, the latter is not.

Everyone will be aware of the Tory civil war ongoing over Brexit, and apparently, for the BBC's "flagship political debate programme", this means sacrificing one of the five slots that could have been given to another party.

And this matters. They aren't going to be debating Brexit the whole time, which is where these Tories disagree most.

So on all those other issues, the Tories have a disproportionate say.

Amusingly, someone at the show's social media team seems to realise how bad this looks, whether consciously or not.

The graphic advertising the panellists lists the titles as "Labour MP", "Green Party MP", "Conservative MP", and then switches to "Conservatives" for David Davis. Surely he should also be "Conservative MP"? An interesting inconsistency.

Cherry tweeted: "Well this looks representative!! Just because the Tories are so divided they need 2 reps is no reason to totally ignore the 3rd party @theSNP or the devolved nations. How long can #bbc failure to do a fair job on #Brexit go on? It’s beyond a joke #BrexitChaos"

In this week's Sunday National, we reported on the SNP's calls for a fairer proportion of airtime on the show.

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Today, the UK Supreme Court gave its ruling on a constitutional crisis. It issued a verdict on the UK Government's legal challenge to Holyrood's Brexit Continuity Bill.

Those of us in Scotland know the attemped power grab on Scotland this Bill attempted to help tackle is of huge significance.

Given the entire lack of Scottish political figures on this panel, we suspect it won't even get a passing mention.

They're planning a Question Time spin-off on the new BBC Scotland channel. It'll need to be far better than this.