The National:

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Tories have tried to capitalise on today's UK Court ruling - but even for them this was a push.

Tory MSP Adam Tomkins practically leapt on to Twitter to excitedly proclaim that the Scottish Continuity Bill, which sought to protect Scotland from a Westminster power grab, had been "eviscerated".

He went on to say that the SNP knew they were acting illegally but "ploughed on regardless".

And that's when Nicola Sturgeon stepped in to lay down the truth.

The First Minister responded to Tomkin's excited squeaks by pointing out that this was actually the "polar opposite" of what the ruling declared.

She said: "For a politician - and lawyer - to twist it this way is embarrassing. And that’s diplomatic language - others may prefer to be blunter."

The UK court ruling found that the bill was competent "as a whole", but one section was outwith Holyrood's powers due to UK legislation that was passed later.