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ONE of the very, very few joys of the Brexit debate has been Unionists making the case for independence in blissful ignorance – now Dan Snow has joined the likes of JK Rowling as part of their ranks.

The historian and arch-Unionist was a vocal backer of Scotland In Union, and used up some share of ink signing letters calling for Scotland to stay part of the UK.

In one, co-signed with Tom Holland, he writes: "When nationalists both north and south of the Border claim that they embody the future, they ignore the proven capacity of the Union to evolve."

Since then, the only proven capacity of the Union we've seen is to regress.

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Now, Snow is responding to reports that senior Tories were annoyed at Ireland's sway in Brexit negotiations.

Presumably with a straight face, he tweeted: "It's almost as if Ireland has pursued its national interest by exploiting its membership of a powerful, collaborative transnational body."

This would be the powerful, collaborative transnational body Scotland voted to stay part of, but which we are being ripped out of.

This would be the powerful, collaborative transnational body Scotland would be staying in, if Snow's Unionists had lost the referendum.

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Will we see a sudden change of heart from Snow, as he finally accepts that those north of the Border deserve to have our democratic will respected? And that independence is the only route to that?

We won't hold our breath. 

Meanwhile, Twitter users were quick to pick apart his post

Brexit has Unionists struggling to keep the story straight.