The National:

FARCE. Chaos. Disgrace. Those were the words used by SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford at Prime Minister's Questions today as he described this Tory shambles.

For every non-Tory MP, with the exception of Jeremy Corbyn, PMQs is an open goal right now.

Theresa May's party and government are in total disarray. The collateral damage from a Tory civil war is set to be devastating. The Prime Minister doesn't care in the least.

Her answers will leave you furious, if you haven't already become numb to this horror show.

Setting up his question, Blackford said: "Mr Speaker, we were promised strong and stable. We were promised a vote on the Brexit deal. But this Prime Minister can’t even do her own job because of the Tory civil war. This government is an embarrassment.

"Christmas is just two weeks away. Will the Prime Minister bring forward her meaningful vote on the Brexit deal next week?"

At this point, we suspect Theresa May would abolish Christmas rather than give up her position.

Saying that the date of the vote would be announced in due course, she replied: "As I say there are discussions that we’re having with European leaders and others and those discussions will continue.

"I think what matters is that they are in no doubt about the strength of feeling about this issue on the duration of the backstop in this House, they are in no doubt about the strength of feeling in this House that that should be addressed in a way that has legal force."

The EU will also be in no doubt that Scotland is fully aware it has a better option available.

May's response gave Blackford his chance to hit out: "Mr Speaker that is contemptuous of Parliament. Parliament voted for the meaningful vote, we should be having that vote and it should be happening next week.

"This government is a farce. The Tory party is in chaos. The Prime Minister is a disgrace with her actions. The reality is that people across Scotland and the UK are seeing this today.

"Prime Minister, take responsibility, do the right thing, resign."

May replied: "It is precisely because I have listened and because colleagues in government have listened to the views of people across this House that we are pursuing this issue further with the European Union. That is being respectful of the views that have been raised in this House."

If only they were as respectful of the views Scottish MPs raised in the House...