YOU report that Willie Rennie has made his party’s support for the SNP government’s forthcoming Budget conditional on the government agreeing to “a short cessation in their independence campaign” (SNP hit out at LibDems over indyref demand, December 10).

As a long-standing member of the SNP, my response to Willie Rennie would be “Alright – you’re on! but here’s the deal: we’ll stop campaigning for independence ‘for a short while’ if you stop banging the drum for your precious, discredited Union ‘for good’.”

Peter Swain

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IT would appear from your front page yesterday and the inside article (Poll finds 53% think indy is better for Scotland than Brexit, December 10) that one important question either wasn’t asked or wasn’t reported: would you vote indy if doing so meant applying to join the EU? This is a very important question and one the SNP needs to bear in mind in its next campaign for independence, as it could mean the difference between success and another failure.

Lovina Roe