ANDY Serkis is know for his incredible ability to breathe life into creatures and characters that would have been nothing without him - so we celebrate his attempt to finally give Theresa May a bit of depth.

Serkis has released a brief critique of May's Brexit deal by reprising his role as Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

The sketch, titled "LEAKED: Footage from Inside No. 10 Downing Street",  features a bizarre Serkis/May/Gollum mash-up as she debates with herself over a People's Vote and more.

"We takes back control," he begins, in the instantly recognisable voice of Gollum.

"Money, borders, laws... blue passportsss."

"No, it hurts the people. Makes them poorer," Smeagol replies, and on it goes.

The video on Andy Serkis's Facebook page has already been viewed over a million times after being posted late yesterday.

The video was produced by Silverfish Media, and written and directed by Dominic Minghella.