I WONDER if I am alone in having basic reservations about the UK Government’s scheme to grant EU nationals “settled status”. We have not left the EU yet and maybe, just maybe, we won’t be leaving. I understand the Scottish Government’s apparently generous offer to pay the fees for public-sector workers, but I can’t help but think that currently the Scottish Government should be telling the UK Government where it can stick this entire scheme?

EU citizens who are not public-sector workers will still have to pay the fees. It seems a German GP is to be treated differently to a Polish plumber? Are the Scottish Government not in danger being guilty of a bit of discrimination in this respect? What will happen to those EU citizens who refuse, in principle, to register? Will our very own Police Scotland be knocking on their doors early one morning to escort them to the nearest airport? I sincerely hope not.

If a similar scheme was introduced to register black, Muslim, Jewish or even English-born residents there would be justifiable outrage, so what makes this scheme so acceptable that the Scottish Government is assisting its implementation?

Brian Lawson

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THANK you Mike Small for your gentle demolition of the Social Bite approach to social injustice (Social Bite’s sleep-outs have done a power of good ... but we need systemic change rather than more celebrity culture, December 9).

I agree with all you have said, but want to add something further. This 21st-century version of 19th-century philanthropy doesn’t just distract from the need for real investment in social housing and decent jobs, it also does little towards building a real movement for change.

We do have a growing grassroots housing movement in Scotland in the form of Living Rent, which is empowering tenants to fight for their rights. I hope that some of those who attended the concert and sleepover in the park (many of whom will themselves be paying extortionate private rents) will feel the need to take some more hands-on action and help build the strength of this active, campaigning, independent tenants’ union.

Sarah Glynn
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IN my dream I saw the flags of the countries in the British Isles, with our Saltire standing for Scotland, and all those other countries’ flags standing proudly beside it. Each country had their own voice.

English voices for English people – perfect, repair Westminster and have your English Parliament – Scottish voices and our own parliament and the same the other countries. What could be easier than for the English people to have their voices listened to without those other pesky countries taking their birthright from them?

I can’t imagine how Northern Ireland will manage if the DUP still hold all the power, but without the bribes from Westminster a united Ireland would seem a very good bargain. Wales has been subject to English rule for so long, but politics have moved on dramatically since Edward I’s time.

I dream of a Scotland with a voice, and know that if we had a voice in Europe we would prosper. If we are dragged out of Europe, I believe we are more than capable of trading our goods worldwide as Scotland’s brand is known and respected everywhere. I dream of Scottish ships leaving for Europe and beyond, bringing life and work again to all those cities and towns whose ports have been abandoned in our recent history.

This dream was preceded by seeing a little of Question Time on Thursday. Ian Blackford spoke (when he was given a chance) to an audience which did not seem to have much understanding of what is happening to the rest of the disunited kingdom. Never has it been so clear that no other voice than Westminster’s can be heard.

Moira Cochrane

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ON reading Chris Bambery’s article in Friday’ National about Carme Forcadell’s imprisonment for 10 months, I feel I must suggest that perhaps if everyone in Scotland who opposes the imprisoning of political activists were to encourage a boycott of holidaying in Spain it might make the Spanish Government think again (Forcadell calls for justice from jail, December 7). Something must be done to stop them treating politicians so disgracefully! Just imagine if it was our SNP politicians!

They are now on hunger strikes as the suffragettes were. Catalonia would still be available to support by holidaying there but definitely not Spain nor Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza! I certainly will not be considering going anywhere in Spain again until this is reversed and these brave people are back home with their families.

E Cameron

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THANK you Chris Bambery for this important item. I hope it helps bring new interest to this very serious situation in Catalonia and the particular plight of Carme Forcadell.

David Foggo
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