WILL somebody please tell John McDonnell we also want a “united country” – it’s called SCOTLAND!! This is the same old jam tomorrow stuff that we swallowed for decades when we voted majority Labour.

Eventually the penny dropped and most of us realised that whichever party runs the UK from London, Scotland’s people get the shitty end of the stick, due mainly to the fact that our “representatives” were more interested in – as one famous Labour MP put it – “not rocking the boat” than fighting for our country’s best interests. “Vote Labour and get the Tories out” has a rather hollow ring to it after the Blair/Brown era.

Slowly (very slowly) the population is beginning to realise that there is a difference between the sort of country we’d like to live in, and the vision of the future as seen by those in the City of London. Politically right, left or centre, at least it would be decided by us, the population of the country we live in, which isn’t, and never has been Great Britain (more like Greater England).

Barry Stewart