Hidden Wales with Will Millard, BBC4, 8pm

OVER the course of this three-part series, writer and adventurer Will Millard has been exploring some forgotten, secret and in some cases almost inaccessible locations to learn more about a different side of Welsh history. He concludes his journey in the south of the country, where his search for vanishing gems takes him to a lost medieval city, a forgotten prisoner of war camp and an abandoned coke works.

Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years in Private and in Public, STV, 9pm

IT’S 60 years since Cliff Richard and his backing group the Drifters (later to become known as the Shadows) hit the No2 spot. It was their first chart success; both acts went on to have many more, both together and apart, but it’s Cliff whose star has shone the brightest. He certainly has plenty to celebrate. Earlier this year he won his court case against the BBC, but any bad feeling between himself and the broadcaster doesn’t seem to have lingered because he recently recorded a session for their In Concert series. Having said that, Cliff has opted to work with ITV on this documentary.

Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey, BBC1, 10.45pm

NADIYA Hussain takes a trip to the Himalayan country of Nepal to learn more about its people, places and food as part of her adventure to explore her identity. She begins in Kathmandu, where she joins a supper club run by young foodies who share with her the vastly varied cuisine of their country, before heading to the historic city of Bhaktapur, which was devastated by the earthquake of 2015. She also visits an abbey to meet nuns who practise kung fu and teach female empowerment.

Babies: Their Wonderful World, BBC2, 9pm

PAEDIATRICIAN Guddi Singh looks at how children begin to become independent, with Professor Elisabeth Hill testing newly crawling babies with an optical illusion made of Perspex that looks like a sheer, vertical drop. Dr Emily Jones visits 18-month-old Amaya and attaches sensors to her to monitor the physiological changes in her body during a tantrum, while Professor Usha Goswami attaches babies to sensitive brain scanners to see how the infants respond to different types of speech.