THE Tories are finally “waking up to reality” and preparing for a “humiliating defeat” in next week’s Brexit vote, according to Stephen Gethins MP, SNP’s spokesperson on international affairs and Europe.

Gethins, who renewed calls for Scotland’s voice to be heard in Westminster, was responding to Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd’s acknowledgement that the UK may have to pursue alternative options if Theresa May’s Brexit plan is rejected by MPs.

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Rudd is the first Cabinet minister to publicly float the possibility of “plan B”, telling the BBC that though she still supported the Prime Minister’s plan, “anything could happen” if it was not voted through on Tuesday.

The SNP argued that Rudd’s admission showed it was time that Scotland, which voted by a 62% majority to remain in the EU, should have its decision respected – protecting jobs, living standards, as well as the NHS.

The National:

Gethins said: “The UK Government faces a humiliating defeat over the Prime Minister’s ‘Bad Deal Brexit’ on Tuesday.

“Finally the UK Government is waking up to the reality. It’s high time that Scotland’s voice was heard.”

Meanwhile, the SNP have warned that, despite Scotland’s new status as a Ukip-free zone, right-wing extremism and intolerant views remain rife within the ranks of the Scottish Tories.

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David Coburn MEP, Ukip’s only Scottish parliamentarian, resigned this week citing the party’s promotion of anti-Islamic policies.

Coburn’s resignation came alongside 1421 resignations from the party across all levels of government, who quit in protest of the party’s hard-line policies, which included the appointment of EDL-founder Tommy Robinson in an advisory role.

The SNP has issued a reminder of the growth in right-wing extremism within Tory ranks, suggesting Ruth Davidson’s party have become an “increasingly safe haven” for intolerance and disturbing views.

Ruth Maguire MSP, who convenes Holyrood’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee, called on Scots Tory leadership to clean up their party or risk picking up Ukip’s mantle, saying: “In the context of the Brexit vote, sadly the Tories seem to have veered even further to the right – with a litany of prominent candidates and elected members displaying disturbing, extremist views.”