WE’VE seen how Edinburgh Women for Independence are approaching a caring, sharing festive season, but here’s another suggestion for Yessers, namely support your local food bank.

Paisley Tannahill SNP Branch – the largest SNP branch in Renfrewshire – tries to support its local food bank as much as it can, and decided that for its December branch meeting, members would be encouraged to bring in donations.

Branch organiser Councillor Will Mylet said that the meeting on Tuesday night saw an excellent response with lots of seasonal treats such as selection boxes being donated alongside essential foodstuffs.

Mylet said: “It was important to us to make sure we raised the right products so we checked with the food bank to see what items they were most in need of, and passed this information to all of our 500-plus members.”

Branch secretary Councillor Kenny MacLaren added: “It is a disgrace that in a rich country like Scotland we have an increasing number of families relying on food banks.

“This is a direct result of the austerity measures of successive UK Governments.

“While there is a need for food banks we will do what we can to support them but we will also campaign for an independent Scotland with a fairer economy and stronger welfare system that does not punish those in need – as the UK system clearly does.”

A very good point to ponder from Paisley, and perhaps other Yes groups could take it into consideration.