HAVING just seen St Andrew’s Day celebrated by acts of kindness across Scotland – which were then followed up by the excellent Fair Saturday initiative – attention now turns to Yuletide and what the Yes DIY movement may be doing in communities up and down the country.

We strongly suspect that almost all groups will be having a quiet Christmas and New Year, but we do know of some groups planning activities before then.

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We were contacted by Selma Rahman of Edinburgh Women for Independence (EdinWFI) whose letter showed she knows how to get on The National team’s good side.

She wrote: “I fully appreciate the Yes and Community pages as well as the Notice Board, but wonder if with the festive season coming up there is any possibility of highlighting work taking place across Scotland with YES and community groups along the lines of Spirit of Sharing?

“I’m laying out here what we’re doing at EdinWFI. For us at EdinWFI the spirit of sharing means women in support and solidarity with other women.

“EdinWFI is working with LIFT (Low-Income Families Together) Muirhouse Edinburgh, beginning over the Christmas period with a view to a longer-term relationship.

“Together, we will provide hamper contents for families and single, older women.

“Hampers can range from toys, wee treats, and luxuries as we know too well that women will make sure the kiddies get before they do, especially at this time of the year, and will skimp on themselves.

“A soft, warm wrap to keep out the chill, and basics, don’t forget the basics, too. Or that delicious wrapped thingy right at the bottom. A real surprise!

“How have we got this far and know what to do for the best? Well, to make sure this goes smoothly we have been working and consulting with LIFT Project Manager Pauline Bowie.

“LIFT knows their clients and will make up the hampers accordingly, ensuring there are no wee ‘mistakes’ – just imagine if you’re allergic to something and there it is, right at the top!

“Our members are bringing their Christmas Sharing to our regular, monthly meeting on Saturday December 15 at 2-4 pm in Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel. It’s going to be a hoot.

“Bring your joining in, singing voice to be part of our (altered) carol singing or sit back and listen to Anne, our Poet in Transit – she’s from West Lothian – who’s written a new poem especially for the day. How about networking over home-made tasty treats?

“Kindest regards and best wishes from me and all at EdinWFI and of course LIFT, Selma.”

Are there any other Yes groups planning anything special in their area for the festive season? E-mail community@thenational.scot.