LESLEY Riddoch took issue with Jeremy Corbyn for not using his questions at PMQs on Wednesday to ask about Brexit and the government being in contempt of Parliament (Why the SNP have shown they’re the real opposition to Tory Brexit chaos, December 6). Fair enough.

But she then went on to say Corbyn asked some worthy questions on poverty instead – a vitally important issue, but not most important the day after the government was in contempt of Parliament.

Lesley, those worthy questions on poverty were about Universal Credit – along with Brexit the biggest disaster facing this country. Every council is reporting tenants in rent arrears because of five-week delays in payment. The Scottish Government’s Social Security Secretary has said new claimants could face Christmas without cash.

It was Corbyn’s best PMQs for a long time and should have been front-page news. Instead we got journalists asking why he did not stick to the script.

Would you like to go without money for five weeks? See how you get on. Will it still be a worthy question then?

David Ritchie
North Ayrshire

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