The National:

ONCE again, Labour's ridiculous stance on indyref2 has left the party looking beyond confused, courtesy of branch office manager Richard Leonard's latest intervention.

Leonard has insisted in the past that Labour would "categorically" oppose a second referendum.

Cut to shadow chancellor John McDonnell shortly afterwards, who instead said Labour in government would "consider whatever proposals come from Scotland".

It really is quite something when Labour south of the Border are more interested in standing up for Scotland. Let's be clear though – this is the only the case because the bar is so incredibly low. And "consider proposals" really couldn't be much lower.

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Still though, speaking ahead of McDonnell's visit to Scotland today, Leonard wanted to make sure you really, really, really know how opposed he is to a new independence referendum.

He explained: “I don’t think that there’s especially an appetite for it. I’m absolutely implacably opposed to it.

“I will fight with every sinew I’ve got to make sure that that is in the next Labour manifesto – that we will oppose a second independence referendum.”

Could he maybe save some of those sinews for fighting the absolute Brexit catastrophe Scotland is being plunged into, despite widespread opposition to it?

Could he perhaps be so implacably opposed to the vile Tory austerity that he will be willing to call for Scotland to get the full powers – devolved, at least – needed to truly combat it?

Sorry, Leonard is too busy fighting with every bone in his body to prevent Scotland having a second say, no matter the support for that. Even JK Rowling has said that if there's enough support, indyref2 would be in order. Even JK Rowling.

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A vote for Leonard's Holyrood contingent will mean a mandate to utterly oppose indyref2, but a vote for his Westminster counterparts will meaning listening to the voice of Scotland if it calls for a new vote. Will they at least try to get their position straight, for the sake of Labour voters?

That's not all Labour have been up to, though – they've been kind enough to give the Yes movement some extra comedic fodder, courtesy of McDonnell.

The shadow chancellor pledged that Labour would deliver the "biggest transfer in wealth and power" from London to Scotland for more than seven decades if it wins power in the next general election.

He also said he had a beautiful Queensferry Crossing to sell us.

With a straight face, McDonnell also said "the SNP at Holyrood has simply passed on Tory austerity".

We'll let SNP MSP George Adam have the final word on that: "The only way we can guarantee an irreversible shift in power from London to Scotland is through independence.

"It's interventions like this that show exactly why Labour continue to languish in third place in Scottish politics, and can't even beat one of the most incompetent Tory governments of all time.

"It was Labour who opposed Scotland having the powers over tax and welfare that they now demand the Scottish Government use.

"And it was Labour who offered the lowest funding settlement for the NHS, even less than the Tories, at the last election."

We've heard all their promises before – and we've been able to see the truth of them.The fact they continue with the same act speaks volumes.