A SUICIDE car bomber attacked police headquarters in the south-eastern Iranian port city of Chabahar on Thursday, killing at least two people and wounding 15, state TV reported.

No-one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though a semi-official news agency blamed a Sunni jihadi group for the assault.

State television broke into its regular broadcast to report the attack as such assaults are rare in the Islamic Republic.

Rahmdel Bameri, a provincial official, said a suicide attacker driving a vehicle loaded with explosives drove up to the police headquarters.

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He said police officers blocked the vehicle and started firing at the driver, who then detonated his explosives.

State TV reported that two police officers were killed, lowering an initially reported death toll of three without explanation.

Trump fails to deliver on campaign pledge as deficit hit 10-year high

RECORD imports in October drove the US trade deficit to the highest level in 10 years.

The Commerce Department said that the gap between what the United States sells and what it buys from foreign countries rose to $55.5 billion (£43.5bn) in October, the fifth straight increase and the highest since October 2008.

The goods gap with the European Union widened 65.5% to a record $17.6bn (£13.8bn).

The National:

President Donald Trump campaigned on a pledge to slash America’s trade deficit.

UN-led Yemen peace talks get under way in Sweden

REPRESENTATIVES from Yemen’s warring sides sat in the same room in Sweden as UN-sponsored peace talks for the war-torn Arab country got under way.

Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, opened the talks, wishing the Yemen adversaries strength to find “compromise and courage” as they embark on the difficult task ahead.

“Now it is up to you, the Yemini parties,” she said. “You have the command of your future.”

The National:

The UN envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths said the coming days were a milestone and urged the parties not to “to deliver a message of peace”.

He announced the sides have agreed on a prisoner exchange as a first step toward building confidence.

He said both sides have signalled they were serious about de-escalating the fighting through calls they have made in recent weeks and urged them to work to further reduce the violence.

UN officials have sought to downplay expectations from what they aim to gain from the talks.

Acquittal for Rwandan president’s rival

RWANDA’S high court has acquitted the country’s most prominent opposition figure, Diane Rwigara, of all charges against her.

The judge said the prosecution failed to provide evidence of insurrection and forgery.

Rwigara’s mother, Adeline, 59, was also acquitted of inciting insurrection and promoting sectarianism. Both women had denied the charges.

Diane Rwigara, 37, was arrested after challenging longtime president Paul Kagame in last year’s election with her case drawing global attention.