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LISTEN to Unionists talk about Scotland, and you'd think the rest of the world sees us as an irrelevant nation that would hold no sway outside of the UK.

Listen to what the rest of the world is actually saying, however, and a very, very different picture emerges.

While Theresa May and her Tory chums are off embarrassing us on the global stage, the First Minister's positive vision of Scotland is winning others over.

In fact, former US vice-president Al Gore had glowing praise to issue to an "enlightened" Scotland in an interview with Nicola Sturgeon.

The First Minister was in Poland for a key UN climate change conference – an issue which the world must tackle fast, and Scotland is at the forefront of the battle to do so.

Gore is a widely respected figure on this matter, so his praise for Scotland really should fill us with pride.

In the interview, he stops to say: "This is not a question, I just want to interject a comment about your emphasis on the importance of sufficient political will in Scotland.

"Many historians have written about the age of the enlightenment. The age of reason. And perhaps it’s my bias in favour of Scotland again, but I’ve always thought that the Scottish Enlightenment played a very special role, and I kind of think that the legacy of that Scottish Enlightenment is still very much alive and is evident in the political will that you refer to."

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It came after Gore asked Sturgeon why "Scotland’s progress has been faster than most other places in Europe".

The First Minister responded: “Well partly it’s political will and we’ve got great consensus across the political spectrum in Scotland, sure we disagree on some of the detail but there’s a great deal of consensus open the direction of travel.

“We also have massive renewable energy potential and that has allowed us already to reach a position where around 70% of our electricity comes from renewable sources, we’re now working towards a target of by 2030 at least half of all of our energy needs coming from renewables sources as well, so we’re blessed with the natural resources, and coupling that with the political will, we’re able to go faster than many others, and that helps us to encourage others across the UK, across Europe and further afield to follow on.

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“But it’s important that we continue to raise our ambition as well. The Paris treaty makes it necessary we do so, the IPCC reports just a few weeks ago really is a call to action for all of us – none of us, even those of us in a leaders’ position here, none of us can afford to be complacent or rest on our laurels.”

A different class to Theresa May, entirely.