The Supervet At Christmas, Channel 4, 8pm
PROFESSOR Noel and his team at Fitzpatrick Referrals are back on the box, treating three special canine patients. First up, they meet a one-year-old crossbreed puppy called Tatiana rescued by a charity from Romania. The youngster is in need of complex surgery, but with no guarantee of success, it could put her life at risk. Next, Noel gets to work on eight-year-old Dalmatian Peppa who needs complicated work on her spinal cord which could be could be severed at any moment. And finally, Luna, a Labrador from Switzerland is having trouble walking. The team’s investigations reveal problems with both its shoulder and elbow – an unusual combination that requires and innovative and dramatic intervention. Can veterinary miracle worker Noel restore the dog’s mobility?

The First, Channel 4, 9pm
SEAN Penn and Natascha McElhone star in the major US drama about a team of astronauts and scientists involved in an operation to reach Mars and begin a colonisation programme. Laz attempts to sway an influential reporter who is critical of the programme. Aiko and Eitan test a solution to fix the Mars ascent vehicle, while an incident with Denise forces Tom to reconsider his priorities.

Secret Life of Farm Animals, BBC4, 8pm
THIS new documentary series examines the behaviour of farm animals, testing their intelligence, discovering unlikely relationships and uncovering a side to them that may never have been seen before. The first film focuses on sheep, following 12 weeks in the life of a lamb on a Welsh hill farm, and revealing them to be highly sociable with a remarkable ability to recognise not just each other but human faces too.

A Hotel for the Super Rich and Famous, BBC1, 8pm
IN the conclusion of the documentary about London’s Corinthia Hotel, the restaurant is not doing as well as it could and needs a big-name chef to compete with other establishments. Enter Tom Kerridge, most famous for his upmarket fish-and-chips. However, he has brought along his artist wife Beth to enhance the space with her sculptures. Will the guests enjoy the new food and art?