OVER the past weeks I’ve followed the arguments as to when Nicola Sturgeon should declare indyref2’s date. All supporters of independence in one degree or another experience frustration, anger or impatience. I’m 76, and not an SNP member. Here’s my tuppence worth.

Firstly, my comment on Nicola Sturgeon. She is, in my humble opinion, the best politician in the UK. I have formed this opinion having followed her political development over several years. She is capable and competent with the best interests of our nation at the forefront of her thinking and in all she does, and has alongside her colleagues who also hold those qualities. She also has with her up-and-coming young SNP politicians who share her attitude and vision.

She, like other human beings, makes mistakes, but is quick to recognise and admit to them and determined never to repeat them. Such is how wisdom is acquired. She well understands that if ego dominates, it clouds political estimation, assessment and judgment.

What is now the current political situation for the independence movement? It’s one that is vastly different from 2014. We have: mass All Under One Banner demonstrations and events; an independence-supporting daily newspaper; an analysis-based organisation, Commonweal; the Scottish Independenec Convention now being established organisationally; country-wide active Yes groups; a mass SNP party with active branches centrally co-ordinated; Labour for Yes supporters; Green and SSP supporting independence; well-known Scottish figures, staunch No in 2014, now Yes.

What is now the general political climate in Scotland? It is fluid and in constant fast change. There is the shambolic/chaotic Brexit with its consequences for all areas of our society, which has created and split in the British establishment (not to be underestimated in any analysis). A Scotland who are now witnessing the political pantomime that is Westminster and Tory dismissal and contempt for Scotland. Our people are now enlightened as to the

broken vows, promises and assurances that were given to them during 2014.

But is all of the above enough to get us beyond 50% for Yes? That is part of the estimation. When the date is decided and campaign is under way, all of the aforementioned will be major factors because we will face the fight of our lives.

Nicola Sturgeon, when making the call, will be clear in her own mind it is not a mistake.

Bobby Brennan

I GET Nicola Sturgeon respecting a second referendum on independence. International respect depends on us observing the Law and the Scotland Act clearly defines the process to follow.

However, surely this is only valid if those involved observe the spirit as well as the terms of the governing legislation?

Scotland is a nation – history proves this. We entered into a union in 1707 to join as the UK, albeit under contemporary suspect and democratically deficient circumstances. We were told in 2014 we were equal UK partners, although the imbalance within the UK power base has always refuted this.

Westminster’s proposed naked grab of repatriated EU powers reveals where the power really lies; the complete negation of devolution, rendering it an illusion.

Section 30 of the Scotland Act is the mechanism whereby Scots’ aspirations can be met; a release valve which should never have been a means of autocratic Westminster control.

If Scots ask for a referendum, the spirit of the Act should be to “grant”. Theresa May denying means “asking” within the spirit of the Act fails. Consequently, is there any option other than to assert our rights by other reasonable means?

Our UK membership is as a vassal to the Westminster-controlled British (English) State, our representation always set at a level to be ineffectual. We’ve no real influence in the UK’s direction and must accept being dictated to by those who ignore Scotland; consider us just an asset propping up the UK’s crumbling balance sheet.

Isn’t it futile for Nicola Sturgeon to solely pursue a referendum option to independence when it’s not in the UK’s (England’s) interests to grant one, and currently they clearly have no intention to?

Neither the blue nor red Tories will deliver the potential for a break-up of the union that will see them lose the vital elected members to Westminster that could win them control of the cesspit of UK governance.

History shows that controlling powers are invariably reluctant to relinquish control of a vital economic and commercial asset, which Scotland is to Westminster.

Nicola Sturgeon is playing her game. Like the main players in this shambles we may not understand their strategy until the game plays out and historians attach perspective.

There is no Scottish dimension in Brexit. There is nary a TV broadcast nor news report considering we Scots; it’s like a distant tsunami being reported that we’re allowed to try to prevent, destruction inevitable.

And there won’t be a Scottish dimension; until we dictate what we intend to do, rather than wait for what we’re allowed to.

It’s our future we’re talking about. Please, Scottish Government, stop tippy-tappying around. Forget playing their game. Play ours; what matters to we Scots. Deliver the future we want! The future our children need!

Scotland will flourish, the song said. That’s the inspiration. Let’s deliver it!

Jim Taylor

I DON’T ever recall hearing about the will of the people when the poll tax, Trident and austerity were forced on Scotland.

Stevie, Motherwell
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