The National:

WE could fill this column every day with the nonsense parroted by Unionists who take to social media to decry everything that Scottish people, politicians and particularly the SNP achieve.

The six Scottish politicians who brought the Article 50 case and won a historic victory at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) have all been trolled to a disgusting degree.

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Yes, there are cybernats who let the side down but just for the record here’s a sample of the abuse directed at the Scottish six.

You won’t find this reported in the Daily Mail or the BBC for one simple reason – they are all taken from the comments sections on their respective websites.

They were called “enemies of the people” and “grievance mongerers (sic)”. One was downright racist against an ancient people: “The ECJ have been done over by the Picts.”

How about this: “Just look at the 6 supercilious numpties who brought this case to the ECJ. They are a disgrace and embarrassment to the vast majority of ordinary Scots.”

Or this: “Maybe us little Englanders, as well as the Welsh and the Northern Irish stop paying our taxes, in which event you will not benefit from our hard work.

“You are greedy, you already receive more money from us taxpayers than either Wales, N.Ireland and indeed us little Englanders get robbed in order for you lot on the other side of the border to keep whining on about independance (sic) etc.”

In fairness, several people thanked the Scottish six.