VIDEO games industry trade body Tiga has awarded accreditation for seven games development courses at Dundee’s Abertay University – long seen as a leader in the field.

Tiga said the university’s School of Design and Informatics has the biggest PlayStation learning facility in Europe and a survey of graduates found that 68% went on to work in the games industry.

It also praised the high position the establishment’s games courses achieved in the prestigious Princeton Review, which “clearly demonstrates that these programmes are not only leading in the UK, but are globally significant”.

Tiga CEO, Dr Richard Wilson, said: “The TIGA Accreditation system enables students and developers to find great courses that are educating great graduates.

“Tiga is confident that the game development courses at Abertay University deliver a range of skills at an appropriate depth and breadth for the games industry.

“Further, Tiga is confident that Abertay University is playing a significant role in supporting and improving game development in the UK.”

Dr William Huber, head of

the Centre for Excellence in

Game Education at Abertay University, said the award confirmed the university’s status in the sector.

“Receiving this accreditation from Tiga is a significant achievement, and a demonstration of Abertay’s status as a world-leading centre for game education: the oldest in Europe, now in its 21st year,” he said.

“We are honoured by Tiga’s recognition of our commitment to prepare students for rewarding careers in this fast-changing and dynamic industry.

“Tiga took particular notice of our collegial and supportive environment, as well as our focus on creating future-oriented and adaptive graduates.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Tiga in maintaining the UK’s world-leading role in game development.”

Dr Mark Eyles, educational

adviser to Tiga, added: “Abertay University game development graduates are ready for working worldwide in game development studios and not only have a solid core of relevant skills, but also the ability to extend and renew those skills as new technologies and industry demands arise.”