I WATCHED Sir Ian Wood on Monday evening’s STV, describing his fantasy view of Scottish fishing becoming a “major industry” once more.

I get the feeling that Scottish Fishermen genuinely think that an end to Common Fisheries Policy will see them sucking up all the fish they want (and I’m certainly looking forward to a haddock supper dropping back to £2.50). Of course this won’t happen. There will still be quotas, with species restrictions etc.

The last time Woody put his tuppence in was 2014, to tell us all about the end of the oil reserves. Remember he spoke with authority on the fact there were no more big finds to be had in the Scottish waters!

This was proved untrue not long after the No vote, and subsequently?

I can only think that Woody is now looking for his step up to the ermine, and a nice coronet? That red leather seat is calling him now he’s at a loose end.

He’s a mouthpiece for the apparatus of the UK establishment. Don’t believe a word this man says!

Sandy Allan
Newburgh Ellon