I AM exceedingly disappointed to read in this paper of the SNP’s manoeuvering to obtain a Section 30 order permitting a referendum (Sturgeon: Path to independence is via indyref2, December 4).

I have supported independence since before Winnie Ewing won Hamilton and in those days the goal was to obtain a majority of SNP MPs at an election. It was the belief of the SNP, conceded by distinguished commentators and UK ministers, that if the SNP won a majority of MPs then independence was a given (delivered in a lofty tone indicating the impossibility of such a thing, of course!).

Since then, however, the position of SNP MPs has morphed from dedicated advocates of independence into limp-wristed apologists for the EU. We have had successive General Elections with an SNP majority and all we ever hear from them is about how to overturn Brexit.

Forget this referendum distraction. Before the next General Election, activists need to seize control of the manifesto: it should be explicitly stated that a vote for the SNP is a vote for independence; that in the event of a majority of SNP MPs they are mandated to demand that the UK Government has three months to commence meaningful independence negotiations, otherwise we will make a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, inaugurate a Constitutional Convention and get on with it ourselves.

Keith Hamilton
via email

CONGRATULATIONS to the cross-party group of Scottish politicians from Labour, including my old colleague David Martin MEP, and Andy Wightman Green MSP who initiated the move, to prove that the British government can unilaterally withdraw its application to leave the EU under Article 50.

Despite strong opposition and attempts to block the action by the Tories at Westminster, the Scottish Courts and now the European Court of Justice have backed their judgement in the opinion of the Advocate General which is likely to be confirmed by the court.This now gives the Westminster Parliament the option to reject Theresa May’s deal and withdraw the application to leave the EU and have further discussions including the option to have a second referendum.

This shows that Scotland’s politicians and courts do have some power when it comes to the EU and can work together in Scotland’s interests. Now we can end the nonsense of Brexit and focus on more important decisions such as taking more power in Scotland to deal with the real issues of poverty, inequality and public services.

Hugh Kerr ( MEP 1994-99)

I NOTE that Alistair McConnachie, along with his compatriots from the Unionist organisation “A Force for Good”, visited the Kirkcaldy Yes Hub in Hunter Street on Saturday. In scenes worthy of the lyrics of Alanis Morissette’s most famous song, the Holocaust denier and his former BNP member sidekick decried the premises as “Kirkcaldy’s Hub of Hate”.

Whilst he is not typical of the majority of Unionists, it is worth noting that almost without exception far-right organisations including the British National Party, the English Defence League, the National Front, Britain First, and the UK Independence Party are opposed to Scottish Independence. It is reassuring to know then that at a recent count McConnachie’s organisation had only managed to find 47 folk mad enough to contribute funds, and that his weekend protest was attended by the dizzying number of four sad individuals including himself.

Meanwhile the good work of the Yes Hub will continue in trying to win Scottish independence, creating a fairer society, maintaining Scotland’s place in the EU, encouraging immigration and looking forward to excellent relations with our friends and neighbours south of the Border.

I wish Mr McConnachie luck in his fruitless search for a knife when all he can find is ten thousand spoons.

Dr Andrew Storey

I WRITE to express my displeasure at the front page of The National yesterday. I cannot understand why you would choose to show “A Force for Good”.

Surely by displaying them on the front page only gives this person the publicity he craves. This individual is a lone wolf who only purpose is to disrupt (where possible) the Yes movement.

If you feel the need to report on him it surely would be better to do so on an inner page of the paper and do so without his picture.

I can understand why the Crossgate Centre chose not to sell your paper yesterday. I have purchased it since day one and will continue to support your wonderful efforts but I must admit I found it hard to buy my paper today with this nasty person displayed on the front page.

Peter Bendermacher
via email

I READ with interest the letter from editor Grant Thoms (December 3) reminding readers that the Scots Independent, a monthly newspaper, has been supporting Scottish independence since its launch in 1926.

The birth of The National, which I purchase every day, has brought a new sense of urgency, based on information, to the drive towards independence.

It is time for the people of Scotland to reflect on President John F Kennedy’s famous observation:

A man may die,

Nations may rise and fall,

But an idea lives on.

Thomas L Inglis