The National:

IN this age of the bizarre in global politics, it takes an awful lot to trump the Donald’s flights of fancy, but the president of Nigeria has just moved political nonsense onto a whole new level by denying that he is a clone.

Rumours had spread in Africa and beyond that president Muhammadu Buhari had died and been replaced by a clone of himself.

The allegations spread widely on social media and in YouTube videos that the Nigerian leader was a Sudanese impostor named “Jubril”.

Speaking at the UN COP 24 climate change conference in Poland, president Buhari was asked about the rumours.

“It’s the real me, I assure you,” he said. “I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday and I will still go strong.”

The Jouker is now awaiting news from London that Theresa May is denying that she is a robot of the genus Maybot from the planet Zaarg.

In a separate development, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has been forced to deny that he is a cyborg called the Govenator and should never be accused of being similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger, not least because hasn’t got Arnie’s muscles. The National can also reveal that Boris Johnson has been denying that he is Pennywise the murderous clown, though significantly the former foreign secretary did not deny being just a clown.

Meanwhile Nigel Farage has been taken to task by The Sun who allege that the Ukip MEP – lest we forget who pays his money – has had his hair dyed darker. That last bit is true …