The National:

A SCOTTISH Tory MP has proudly tweeted a portrait of David Cameron at the House of Commons, saying the former PM is the "reason" he joined the party.

Andrew Bowie, the MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, has praised the man who left the UK in its current Brexit mess by calling for an EU referendum and then disappearing when the vote went against him.

He tweeted: "Delighted with the new portrait hung outside my door the House of Commons... @David_Cameron – the reason I joined the @Conservatives."

Spending taxpayers money on these portraits is nothing new – in 2014 MPs splurged a whopping £250,000 on having portraits painted of fellow parliamentarians.

The Tories are, as expected, one of the worst offenders. Former Tory leader Michael Howard sat for a painting which cost £9400, former prime minister John Major was honoured with a bronze bust by Anne Curry, costing £6000, while a full-sized statue of Margaret Thatcher was commissioned for £11,750.

It is unclear how much the Cameron portrait cost but, if the prices above are anything to go by, it wasn't cheap.

And it's fair to say that Twitter users weren't too impressed by Bowie's choice of role model.

Predictably, there was no shortage of pig references...

While there were plenty of jokes, some commenters were angry considering the UK could be facing a no-deal Brexit in the near future. 

Just one more reason to get Scotland's MPs out of Westminster ... for good!