WITH Theresa May ploughing blindly on with her EU deal that has managed to upset remainers and leavers, and her spin doctors refusing entry to The  National’s reporter, are we now entering Trump-like behaviour by the British government?

If polls are to be believed, 70% of Scots now want Scotland to remain in the EU, but that 70% are to be ignored and not even consulted. What kind of union of equals is this? With EU immigration down and an unprecedented number of Scots with Irish connections applying for Irish passports, this is not good for our country if it is to thrive.

It is time Scots realised that any hope for our country now lies with independence and with EU membership. 

Our future lies with our European brothers and sisters and not in a one-sided union that dictates to us, has no interest in our culture or our future, and is quite happy to sacrifice us all for its interests.

Our time is now – let’s not miss the moment.

Bryan Auchterlonie