Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey, BBC1, 10.45pm
IN 2016, a year after winning The Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain filmed The Chronicles of Nadiya. She’s embarking on another epic trip in this new, two-part series, in which she explores Thailand and Cambodia, having discovered she also has links there. She learns how to make prahok, a fermented fish paste that is Cambodia’s staple food, during a visit to a floating community on Tonle Sap, the biggest lake in South East Asia.

24 Hours in A&E, C4, 9pm
THIS edition focuses on stories of triumph in the face of adversity. Nikkita, 27, is brought to A&E by ambulance after having a severe epileptic fit, and her dad Derry is by her side as doctors try to get to the root cause of her seizure. Phillip, 89, arrives after collapsing at home with chest pains, and doctors are concerned he is having a heart attack, while plumber Sebastian has sliced the tips of his fingers off at work.

Babies: Their Wonderful World, BBC2, 9pm
PAEDIATRICIAN Guddi Singh looks at how infants build social relationships in the first two years of their lives, including the instinct to respond to faces and what makes them laugh. Neuroscientist Sarah Lloyd-Fox uses a portable brain scanner to analyse activity in one week-old Arthur’s brain as he looks at images of toys and faces, while Nathalia Gjersoe sets up an experiment with good and bad puppets to find out when babies make decisions about who to trust.

Warship: Life at Sea, Channel 5, 9pm
HMS Duncan is in the heart of the Black Sea as it heads towards Crimea, when a Russian ship it has been tracking suddenly disappears. Pilots Johnny Hamlyn and Tim Dunning take off in a Wildcat helicopter and discover it is a spy ship, probably on a mission to monitor the Duncan. The situation soon escalates as Russian jets start circling the ship, and Commodore Mike Utley and Captain Eleanor Stack must assess the situation and consider how to protect their personnel.