THERE are many reasons why a newspaper has to put up its price, ranging from the rising cost of paper and ink, to inflation and now even Brexit. And although on Monday we also have to take that same step to stay sustainable, the events of the past few days have surely proven just how important The National is to Scotland.

Theresa May’s visit north of the Border was completely overshadowed by her attempt to duck questions from our reporters. What could have been a boring press event instead exploded into a fierce debate about the freedom of the press and holding power to account.

Our front page went viral – and showed up the Prime Minister’s visit for the complete farce that it was. That’s the power of a newspaper – and that’s why it’s so important we make The National a success as we gear up for indyref2.

We’re already working hard. Over the last year, we’ve launched our Yes DIY section, which has fast become THE go-to place to find out what’s happening in the independence movement. We’ve added new columnists, features and The Jouker, our much-loved National diary. We’ve now got a racing page, after many requests, and from Monday we’ll be expanding our puzzles section with four tricky new challenges every day.

You may have heard we’ve even launched a new Sunday newspaper.

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