The National:

AFTER an ill-fated attempted to woo Scots with her draft Brexit deal, Theresa May has finally given up.

That's right. She's tried every trick in the book, including calling out the 'big guns' in the form of David Mundell, on a trip north of the Border which broke the ministerial code.

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Exhausted after months of campaigning for the biggest act of national self-harm in the UK's modern history despite not voting for it, the Prime Minister has come clean to Scots.

Addressing the nation of St Andrew's day, she explained why the Tory government "couldn't afford for you to vote for independence" having "frittered away the cash from North Sea oil and gas".

She also expressed her pride at "the austerity my Government is delivering for Scotland".

Well, not quite.

Those words were actually produced by pro-indy activist Sarah Mackie.

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To the delight of thousands of Twitter users, she had a go at expressing the Prime Minister's true sentiments.

Enjoy Mackie's work below:

We suspect some Tories might actually quite like this speech...