A GLASGOW restaurant is celebrating its 34th birthday by giving customers the chance to eat for free for the next 34 years.

The Baby Grand is asking foodies to submit their favourite memories of Glasgow from the last 30 years. The best story will be rewarded with free food until November 2052.

Billy McAneney, co-owner of The Baby Grand said: “There has been lots of change in the city since The Baby Grand opened its doors in 1984. The Glasgow that we all know, and love is now seen as one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

“But as the city has evolved, so many great restaurants, bars and cafes have closed their doors.

“One of the reasons The Baby Grand has stood the test of time, is because we have a loyal customer base who have continued to support us over the years and this is our way of thanking them for coming back time and time again.”

Opening in 1984, the restaurant is a popular feature of the city’s food scene, appealing to old-school Glaswegians and new food lovers.

It has remained steadily afloat in a busy market – 2018 saw 1123 UK restaurant companies become insolvent.

As well as the exciting food competition, the business is celebrating three decades of scran by investing £250,000 to renovate and expand the premises.

The classic piano bar now boasts an onsite deli serving fresh salads and American-inspired sandwiches, and is home to Scotland’s only vertical rotisserie making it one of the most appealing lunch spots in the city.

Situated on Elmbank Gardens, next to Charing Cross Train Station, the restaurant is a popular choice for those heading out for a night at the nearby Kings Theatre or The SSE Hydro.

Helping to usher in this new era, was a panel of Glaswegian experts, who were invited to discuss their opinions on how the city has transformed over the past 30 years.

The Baby Grand co-owner, Gerry McGhee was joined by the chair of the City Centre Retail Association and general manager of St Enoch Centre, Anne Ledgerwood, journalist Catriona Stewart and up and coming Glasgow author Chris McQueer.

Entries close on January 1, 2019, with the winner to be revealed on February 1, 2019.