The National:

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are set to battle it out in the TV debate absolutely no-one wanted to see, both committed to Brexit. Fittingly, north of the Border, Labour and the Tories are cosying up once more.

The Better Together buddies are back, and this time it’s personal.

The Times have revealed that Labour veteran and life peer Lord Sainsbury of Turville has chipped in with £25,000 of funding thought to be for his newfound Tory chum Luke Graham, the Ochil and South Perthshire MP.

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The transaction, shown in data published by the Electoral Commission, was officially between Lord Sainsbury and the Perth and Kinross branch, but it is understood that the Scottish Tory was the intended recipient.

In a buddy story fit for a Will Ferrell movie adaption, the former Labour science and innovation minister developed a fondness for Graham three years ago while the Tory was down in the dumps about a failed election bid in the 2015 Westminster vote.

The pair bumped into one another right around the time voters, feeling betrayed by the Labour-Tory alliance struck up during the 2014 indyref, turned to the SNP in their droves and swept them to an unprecedented landslide victory in Scotland.

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However, it seems the duo were too busy admiring each other’s “liberal outlook”, as one source put it, to notice the storm brewing around them.

So what will Lord Sainsbury’s gesture of goodwill fund exactly? The Times’ source assured sceptical onlookers that it’s “not for dinners in Perth and Kinross”. What a relief.

A Scottish Tory spokesperson was slightly less cryptic, suggesting that the Labour peer had recognised that backing Ruth Davidson’s party was the only way “to stand up to the SNP”.

So there we have it, Labour and the Tories have cracked the code on how to stop the SNP juggernaut – unite under one banner.

For all their talk about abhorrent Tory policies, Labour are once again siding with their "rivals" in a bid to deny Scotland the powers that could end them.

We're getting a profound sense of déjà vu.