The National:

Throughout the unprecedented omnishambles that is Brexit, voters in the UK have consistently been re-assured that there is a better way.

Reclining on the cushy benches of the House of Commons, with front row seats to the kind of political calamities Armando Iannucci couldn’t even dream of, the Labour Party has quietly, confidently, reminded the public that they can be saved from Tory Armageddon.

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Perhaps, though, Jeremy Corbyn and his confused cohorts have been a little too quiet.

Unfortunately, the latest YouGov poll on Westminster voting intentions didn’t spell out the reasons for the results. But it did put the writing on the wall for Labour.

They still trail the Tories in the polls by 5% – which, as we have learned from the Brexit referendum, is no small majority.

Voters still prefer the party which has set about withdrawing from the European Union with all the craft and guile of a drunk man trying to slide down the bannister of a spiral staircase.

We could provide metaphors for the hapless opposition of the Labour Party all day, but we're never ones to hog the limelight.

Instead, here’s the SNP’s Pete Wishart putting things a little more bluntly.

Jeremy Corbyn did outperform predictions at the previous General Election, it's of course worth mentioning. But it increasingly looks like it'll take a miracle for him to get into power.

He could be the most well-intentioned politician on the planet, but Scotland has to be realistic.

We need to be able to do more than mitigate the horrific Tory immigration and social security policies.

We need to be able to have our voice heard on issues as hugely important as Brexit.

We suspect this wouldn't be the case under Corbyn, either.