CONGRATULATIONS on your report about Theresa May’s visit to Scotland.

In as excellent a piece of journalism as I have seen in a long while, you managed to encapsulate everything of merit in both her visit north of the currently soft Border and the Brexit “deal” her going “walkabout” was intended to promote.

What occurs to me though is when the Brexiteers wittered on about repatriating “sovereignty” to Westminster, were they envisaging it being exercised by a Prime Minister and Tory party with the paucity of quality as the current incumbents?

And doesn’t history show that when governments begin censoring the press, the democracy being espoused by the EU Leave campaigners has also gone walkabout, real democracy reduced to a sham illusion as it cascades down the slippery slope?

There again, given some of the decisions in recent times by the British Home Office to deport those they refuse applications for citizenship – despite lengthy periods living here, marriage, age or ill-health – who is surprised at how low the Tory control freaks will stoop?

Now is the hour, when we must say goodbye.

Jim Taylor

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THE latest episode of political hide and seek by Theresa May and David Mundell simply highlights they have no idea about Scotland. They “forgot” to tell the MP for the constituency they were visiting that they would be in his area and instead informed a neighbouring MP, breaching parliamentary and ministerial codes. It could be simply that both Theresa May and David Mundell didn’t want anyone knowing in advance where they were going in case they had to face questions from the public, or simply just another sign that the Tory government don’t give a damn about Scotland. If the Prime Minister can’t tell which constituency she’s in, it doesn’t say much for her ability to negotiate trade deals with other countries!

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

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AS an English person, living in England, I had intended to write in shame and apology at the disgraceful failure to invite you to the PM’s press conference. It sounds as though you didn’t miss much, by the way.

However, this morning’s headline and article is inspired! Congratulations on providing the world’s media with the perfect response to the Trump-style banning of reporters for no good reason.

I’d still like to apologise: it should never have been necessary.

Julie Price

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Well done, The National, shows you are doing your job, holding power to account, and asking unanswerable questions!

Another unanswerable question: how can Theresa May hold press conferences with the crest of the UK displayed in front of her, jointly supported by the lion rampant of England and the unicorn of Scotland as equal partners, and declare that Scotland is a part of England ? The very emblem of the UK shows otherwise.

Fabia Gray
via email

I TOTALLY agree that the Theresa May “visit to Scotland”, which resulted in spending two hours with workers in a leather factory, was not worth headlining and for that matter not even mentioning. May and her Tories are just a bunch of cowards who are in total denial of the damage that Brexit will do to Scotland, regardless of whether it is the May deal or no deal.

As around 100 Tory MPs have gone public in their opposition to the May deal and Theresa May insists that it is either her deal or no deal, no deal is the most likely outcome.

The failure of May to either meet the First Minister or visit the Scottish Parliament shows her contempt for the people of Scotland. We need to be in control of our own destiny.

Susan Rowberry

WEEL duin The National fur bein banned frae Theresa May’s press conference. It shows us aa that wan, yer editorial is hittin hame an the government is feart o fit ye sey an speir, an twa, the feck o the “Scottish” press cannae be trystit tae report waeoot bein biased atward the GB establishment. Mair pooer tae yer elbucks!

George T Watt

GOOD to see Theresa May’s “Farewell 10 Downing Street – The Final Tour” is a sell out – no room for The National at the pre-gig press conference in Glasgow apparently. However, unlike poor Elton John, Theresa shows no sign of cancelling any forthcoming tour dates due to an ear infection, yet.

A Begbie

SO Mrs May thinks that another independence referendum would only produce “…chaos, division and uncertainty”: she should certainly know what that is; all she has to do is look over her shoulder at the present condition of Westminster, and her own party in particular.

I notice also that her most recent mantra is “there is no alternative”, resuscitating a favourite slogan of a certain Margaret Thatcher. We all remember, of course, how benevolent and beneficial she was to Scotland.

Colin Stuart
Saline, Fife

LIKE Linda Horsburgh (Letters, November 28), I had thought of Gollum on hearing about the “precious Union”.

I also thought of the King in Hamlet: “And in the cup an union shall he throw”, a union that contained the poison which led to the destruction of his kingdom.

Robert Mitchell