THERESA May is “governing by threat” as she seeks to impose an “unacceptable” and “damaging” Brexit deal on Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has claimed.

The First Minister hit out at the PM as a new report from the Scottish Government warned the draft deal to leave the European Union could result in “loss equivalent to £1610 per person in Scotland compared to EU membership by 2030”.

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Investment in Scotland could be 7.7% lower by that date compared to if the UK stayed in the European Union, the report added.

Meanwhile, the “special deal” being put in place to prevent the return to a hard border in Ireland could leave Scotland at a “serious competitive disadvantage” to Northern Ireland.

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“In short, it will make us poorer,” the First Minister said.

She said: “The analysis shows why the deal agreed by the Prime Minister is unacceptable to the Scottish Government and damaging to the people of Scotland.

“No government of Scotland with the interests of this and future generations at heart could possibly accept it.”

Downing Street will issue its own economic analysis of Brexit scenarios this afternoon.

Speaking about the Conservative leader, Sturgeon said: “The Prime Minister has made it clear at every turn that she is not interested in compromise, in fact she seems to have given up any attempt at governing by consensus and is now governing by threat.”

MPs will vote on the draft Withdrawal Agreement on December 11.

Before that Holyrood could get the chance to have its say on the proposals, with plans for a symbolic ballot to be held next week – when a majority of MSPs will most likely vote against it.

Scottish Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell said: “The opportunity exists for the whole Parliament to send a clear signal to the House of Commons that this deal is unacceptable to Scotland.”

Sturgeon was clear the draft agreement was “a bad deal”, which she said Westminster is “seeking to impose on the people of Scotland regardless of the damage it will cause”.

The First Minister said: “It will not end uncertainty. It will extend it. We are being asked to accept a blindfold Brexit with all the difficult decisions kicked down the road.”

It came after the Scottish Government report stated: “There is a sense in some quarters that the deal represents a major breakthrough and gives clarity for the future. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“The agreement may have taken over two years of intense negotiation but it nevertheless only covers the UK’s divorce from the EU. The political declaration which accompanies the Withdrawal Agreement provides no certainty on the future relationship as so much within the text is conditional upon the obligations the UK Government will accept.

“Nearly all the difficult decisions which need to be taken about the future of our businesses and society have simply been postponed for another day, to be negotiated by the UK once we have become a third country.

“We therefore face what is effectively a blindfold Brexit, with several more years of damaging uncertainty for businesses and of UK Government still consumed by these negotiations and their own internal divisions.”

It added: “Such uncertainty is likely to lead to businesses postponing or cancelling investment and recruitment plans until the UK’s future economic relationship with the EU becomes clearer.

“This will depress economic activity and put jobs at risk.”