ALMOST 70% of Scots would now vote to remain in the EU, according to a shock new poll.

The survey of more than 8000 people was carried out for Hope not Hate and Best for Britain before Theresa May’s deal was signed off by European leaders last weekend.

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The poll revealed that every constituency in Scotland overwhelmingly opposes Brexit.

Worryingly for Ruth Davidson, even those fishing communities where the Brexit vote had been close, and who turned Tory at the last election, have now swung behind Remain. Support for Brexit in Banff and Buchan has switched from 54% in favour in 2016 to 45% now.

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Gordon has gone from 44.6% of voters backing Leave to 35.4%, while support in Moray has fallen from 49.9% to 42.2%.

Passionate Brexiteer Ross Thomson has failed to win over hearts and minds in his Aberdeen South constituency.

In 2016, 67.7% of voters backed remaining in the EU, that’s now jumped to 73.2%.

Across the UK, 422 of 632 constituencies for the Westminster Parliament now have majority support for remain.

That means voters in 193 constituencies have changed their mind since June 2016.

The poll will also put Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn under pressure, with his party’s supporters driving much of the change.

Some 71% of 18-34 year olds who voted Labour in 2017 would now vote remain, up from 51% in 2016.

A total of 67% of female Labour voters would now vote Remain – up from 49%.

The survey also revealed that all constituencies now back the public having a final say on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

Best for Britain CEO Eloise Todd said: “The country is shifting in one direction. Two and a half years since the 2016 vote, people across the country are coming to the same conclusion no matter how they voted then: Brexit won’t deliver.”

Ian Murray, the Labour MP for Edinburgh South, said the analysis was “hugely significant”.

“There is no such thing as a good Brexit deal, as it will lead to job losses, harm the economy and put workers’ rights at risk.

“Theresa May’s Brexit deal is the worst of all worlds, and it is set to be rejected by the Commons, despite her desperate tour of Scotland and the UK.”

Nick Lowles, chief executive of Hope not Hate, warned of the consequences of going ahead with a Brexit that would leave “our communities, families and our children” worse off .

“Brexit will only make things worse and when that happens the people in these communities, who voted for Brexit because they were told it would improve their lives, will be even angrier and feel even more betrayed”

The analysis is based on polling by Populus.