TO reply to Cat Boyd, the reason Lexit failed was because it missed the point (Why the ‘Lexit’ campaign was a huge missed opportunity, November 27). As I argued at the time, the EU referendum was not about Scotland’s relationship with a capitalist grouping but whether people in Scotland were best served by being under the umbrella of the EU.

Without it the US is free to export dangerous foodstuffs and infiltrate the NHS for profit, and the British government is free to exploit workers and reduce health and safety safeguards and to continue its assaults on pensioners. Cat is right that much is wrong with the EU, but it is not the worst option.

Ian Richmond
Dumfries and Galloway

WELL Cat, what’s it to be? Having correctly identified all of the downsides of the EU (“Brussels is a by-word for the shady corporate lobbying and deal-making that the World Social Forum was set up to expose”), do you have the integrity to join with many other Leave supporters, like me, who don’t want to be associated with it, or will you take refuge behind the cleverly orchestrated campaign by the Remainers that Leavers are right-wing fascists, hold your nose and stick to a pro-EU point of view?

Lovina Roe

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