THERESA May is to visit Glasgow tomorrow in an attempt to sell her Brexit plan to Scots.

According to The Herald, the Prime Minister will insist that her agreement – signed off by the EU at the weekend – will “strengthen the union” as more powers will go to the Scottish Parliament.

This is in stark contrast to the power grab on Holyrood that the SNP say is built into the UK’s Brexit legislation. Earlier this month Scottish Brexit Secretary Mike Russell called for part of the UK’s Brexit legislation to be “immediately repealed”.

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The Scottish Government has been insistent that when powers are returned from the EU, these should go straight to the Edinburgh administration, rather than London.

May’s visit will take place after Prime Minister’s Questions and will coincide with the UK Government publishing economic analysis on what Brexit would mean under a "range of different scenarios".

Earlier today the Scottish Government released its own analysis which said that May’s Brexit plan could could each Scot £1600.

With up to 90 Conservatives now coming out against May's Brexit plan she is facing a humuliating defeat at the "meaningful vote" in Parliament on December 11.