The National:

JEREMY Corbyn just doesn’t get Scotland. We’re not even sure he cares. So why does he bother putting himself in the firing line by trying to speak with any authority on the issues affecting our nation?

When he’s not struggling to remember the name of a prominent MSP, who just so happens to be the deputy leader of our opposition, he’s making bizarre interventions which don't stand up to any scrutiny.

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His latest tweet, in which he backs Richard Leonard's call on the SNP to scrap the two-child cap in the upcoming Scottish Budget, fails to acknowledge that Leonard – the leader of his party’s branch office – refused to sign a joint letter calling on the Tory government to give Scotland full powers over welfare.

".@LabourRichard is calling on the Scottish Government to use its powers in the interests of the many, not the few," he wrote. 

"@theSNP needs to listen and scrap the two-child cap in the upcoming Scottish budget."

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So Scotland should continue to cut money from our health, education or housing budget to mitigate the impact of Tory austerity, while Labour refuses to do anything which could bring about real change?

Corbyn and Leonard also seem to have forgotten one crucial detail ... that Labour DID NOT OPPOSE the Tories' Welfare Bill, which contained the two-child cap, when it went through Westminster in 2015. Shameless.

His latest intervention has angered Scottish Twitter.