The National:

THE Alex Salmond show on RT isn’t every Unionist’s cup of tea but nobody can argue with the quality of the guests that the former First Minister has attracted.

Thursday’s edition saw Hollywood star Brian Cox quizzed on Brexit and the Dundonian didn’t miss the chief Brexiteers and hit the wall.

He said: “The Brexit thing is such a mess. It really is a mess and you see the amount of treachery and self-serving that’s gone on with people like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg.”

Salmond asked what Logan Roy, the Rupert Murdoch-like character that Cox is currently playing in the hit television series, would do to those three.

“Logan Roy would sort them out,” said Cox. “He would kick their arses from here to yesterday. He wouldn’t put up with it all.”

Not quite Parliamentary language but Cox made his point.

Meanwhile on the BBC, Thursday night’s edition of Question Time from Cannock in Staffordshire heard one audience member complain: “The whole reason the general election was called last year was because we had Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP playing party politics with whether or not Theresa May had a mandate.”

As per usual, there was no Sturgeon or any SNP member or any Scot at all on the panel to point out the ridiculousness of that statement. And that on a programme made by Mentorn Scotland for BBC Scotland ... sometimes you do wonder if it really is the English Broadcasting Corporation.