The National:

NO-ONE is suggesting that Brexit is straightforward. Untangling ourselves from a complex union was always going to throw up hurdles and befuddle a few people in the process.

Even still, we expect ministers in the UK Government to by now have a grasp of the simpler details, namely that leaving the EU actually means leaving the EU. Even more so when the minister in question is the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

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Appearing on Politics Live earlier today, Liz Truss – who just a few years ago got really worked up about foreign cheese at the Tory conference – seemed to be of the opinion that leaving the EU but staying in the single market somehow means staying in the EU.

Sound logic...

Needless to say, those appearing on the panel with her – the SNP’s Stephen Gethins and political commentator Paul Mason – were astounded by her inability to grasp that basic fact about Brexit.

Watch the clip below: