THERESA May’s government has suffered a humiliating defeat in their attempts to derail a Scottish court case seeking to determine whether the UK can unilaterally reverse Brexit.

Britain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an application from the British government to try to stop Europe’s top court from examining the case.

Scottish politicians who are opposed to Britain exiting the European Union want the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to clarify whether London can withdraw its notification to leave without permission from the EU’s other member states.

The British government had asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal to prevent the case being referred to the ECJ on the grounds that whether or not Britain could reverse the decision was immaterial, since ministers had no intention of doing so.

Lady Hale, Lord Reed, and Lord Hodge refused that appeal.

The ECJ is due to hear the case next week.

QC Jo Maugham, who has been working with Green MSP Andy Wightman, and others on the case tweeted; “The best, the really compelling, the objective evidence that all options are still on the table is the desperation with which Government acted to try and block MPs from seeing the clear path to Remain.”

He added: “No Government acting in the public interest could spend money blinding the eyes of MPs to the options before them. This is, or with an Opposition worthy of the name would be, a scandal.”

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