AN East Lothian technology firm that is improving energy storage for hot water and heating in homes and businesses is on track to further disrupt the global market after securing £2.2 million in seed funding.

Sunamp, established by tech entrepreneur Andrew Bissell 12 years ago, specialises in thermal energy storage.

Its heat batteries store energy from renewable and non-renewable sources and release it on demand in the form of cascades of hot water and ultra-responsive central heating.

This latest round of seed funding attracted a number of investors, including Scottish Investment Bank, Equity Gap, PAR Equity and several new participants, among them the Japanese energy utility Osaka Gas.

The company plans to use the funds towards expanding its international footprint and further scaling its operations.

Sunamp heat batteries have been installed in more than 1000 homes across the UK, and the company recently launched its third generation UniQ range of heat batteries.

These have a proven life cycle of over 40,000 cycles with no degradation, the equivalent to more than 50 years of normal use. The company has the potential for growth globally in the built environment and many other sectors including commercial, industrial and automotive markets. It has spent much of the early stages of development refining its product and establishing manufacturing facilities in the Edinburgh City Region.

Housing associations are using the technology to cut fuel bills for thousands of tenants by harnessing renewable energy and storing it as heat to produce heat and hot water, without a hot water tank or immersion heater.

Bissell, Sunamp’s CEO, said “Thermal energy storage has a very significant role to play as communities worldwide strive to become sustainable and better places to live. Our technology is proven to lower carbon emissions and fuel costs. We’re delighted to have the continued support of our existing investors and to welcome new investors at this round as we power ahead to grow our business and address climate change in partnership.”