TODAY is the second SNP Day of Action and thousands of members of the party across Scotland will be out canvassing and delivering leaflets.

There will be lot of talking by members to non-members, especially on doorsteps and at street stalls, and a great deal of time and effort will be spent on helping to educate people about what independence really means.

Nowhere more so than in Aberdeen where SNP members from across the city and Aberdeenshire are coming together to discuss the Sustainable Growth Commission Report.

The event is hosted by Gillian Martin MSP and Doug Daniel, SNP political education convener. Also attending will be members of the Growth Commission Roger Mullin and Kate Forbes MSP, the Minister for Public Finance.

The event is being held in Curl Aberdeen at Eday Walk from 1.30pm to 4.30pm and is open to SNP members. More details, and tickets, are available on the Eventbrite website.

The organisers told us: “The SNP has begun a new conversation about the future – one full of hope and ambition for a better Scotland.

“This conversation is informed by the commission’s report: 354 pages of economic analysis and recommendations drawing on evidence and learning from the most successful countries in the world.

They added: “The SNP is driven by its membership, so now it is over to us all to discuss and debate the findings of the report.”