The National:

YOU might be aware, readers, that Theresa May's de facto deputy – David Lidington – has been in Scotland today.

It could have been a little more low key, but his attempt to score political points against the First Minister backfired quite spectacularly. It's been our most read story today, in fact.

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Lidington had come north of the Border in a bid to soothe some of Scotland's concerns about Brexit. While, of course, ignoring our parliament's actual desires on Brexit.

That involved a talk with members of the financial sector, but it also saw him meeting with journalists who were able to question him.

It's important for the media to hold the Tories to account on Brexit – particularly the Scottish media, given the way the Tories have sidelined Scotland.

All this Brexit chaos has given even more energy to the Yes movement, bolstering the case for independence.

Yet the only pro-independence newspaper in Scotland was not invited to that press event.

The National's political reporters have been busy filing their copy, but without the benefit of being able to scrutinise Lidington directly on these issues, as the other newspapers could.

Wondering why, we fired off an email to the Cabinet Office's media team: "We are keen to find out why we weren’t invited to the briefing by David Lidington in Edinburgh today?"

The answer: "You weren't on our mailing list. We will update with your details."

That reply suprised us somewhat, because only three days ago the very same press officer who had replied to our question had sent us an email.

It provided a David Lidington quote ahead of a Joint Ministerial Committee – which we received without asking for. In other words, we appear to have been on their mailing list.

And, would you believe it, we're quite familiar with calls to the Scotland Office and Cabinet Office going unreturned.

This all looks a little like denying us access, doesn't it?

There is one newspaper in Scotland which is in favour of independence. One pro-independence offering on the newsstand, representing a position that is held by at least 45% of people in the country.

The fact that they try to sideline even that single voice says so much about how under threat they feel.