TWO cousins who grew up in the shadow of Ravenscraig have harnessed the energy from the 2014 indyref to launch a podcast which has attracted listeners from all over the world.

Wishaw-based ‘Not Another Fake NewsCast’ is the brainchild of Paul and Gerry McCann that seeks to shine a torchlight into dark corners of politics and the media

It has proven prescient in its choice of investigations with exposes into the sinister goings-on at Cambridge Analytica and Leave EU donor Arron Banks almost a year before either story made a splash.

Paul McCann said: “Growing up in working class families with the Ravenscraig on our doorsteps meant we were aware of politics and its effects on people’s lives from a young age.

“Keir Hardie was born just up the road. When the independence referendum came around I think that was what really engaged us – it was a chance for change.

“We were gutted it didn’t happen, but it had got us interested in politics and we wanted to do something to dispel some of the myths flying around.”

The National:

Paul and Gerry McCann strive to promote 'media literacy'

The podcast first hit the airwaves in March 2017 with an irreverent take on the Trump campaign before burrowing into a little known but very contemporary democratic dilemma – political manipulation of social media.

Now on its 33rd episode, Not Another Fake NewsCast ranks highly on iTunes and has attracted a global fanbase.

The McCann cousins have performed live podcasts and shows in Dublin, Edinburgh, London and they are also due to speak to the Scottish Secular Society in Glasgow next month.

Gerry McCann explained: “We started off doing in-depth episodes on particular subjects; immigration, we spoke about Cambridge Analytica last May, we recently did a Scottish independence episode but that soon expanded to interviews with people like feted author Darren McGarvey, Mike Small from Bella Caledonia, investigative journalist Peter Geoghegan and social media specialist Dr Jennifer Jones.

“We’ve got some great people lined up over the next wee while too.”

The podcast is specifically focussed on issues surrounding fake news, false narratives and misinformation.

Paul said: “The modern world is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate in terms of the information that is out there. We’re interested in promoting media literacy, giving people the tools they need in order to sift through some of the nonsense and make up their minds about what is really happening in the world.

“We try and have a laugh, too, though!”

Gerry added: “We’re both big supporters of independence but a more critical eye at times towards information benefits us all.”