THE fear that supporting a second EU referendum (the so-called People’s Vote) would necessitate a confirmation vote on indyref2 is the wrong way of thinking.

First, the People’s Vote is being asked for based on misinformation and downright lies from the off, coupled with no research into what we know now, which has only become apparent after the vote.

The 2014 indyref vote was informed by a huge Holyrood White Paper of information coupled with a Westminster follow-up of false promises and lies. Scotland’s indyref2 could be considered as a confirmatory referendum due to the first one, which was lost based on those Westminster lies and false promises.

Scotland is asking for indyref2 to confirm the first one, as is England asking for its confirmation on the EU referendum.

So indyref2 would not need a follow-up referendum because it will confirm the first result one way or the other – but this time based on a full realisation of the facts.

Alan Magnus-Bennett